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  • Make a list of the restaurants in your area-from take-out to eat-in-that you've always wanted to try. The list will be a great resource when you can't get to your stove!
  • Set up a dorm room-style "fast food" area outside of your kitchen. This could include a hot pot, coffee maker and toaster. You can even add a microwave and a small freezer stocked with microwave meals.
  • Determine where your water source will be, if it's not at the kitchen sink.


  • To remove all of the bathroom items you might need, pretend you are packing to go on a trip.
  • Check out your gym, the local YMCA or a friend's house for an alternate shower if you need one.


  • Label the boxes when you pack up the room before the remodel. This will make it much easier when you unpack.
  • Use the opportunity to do some spring cleaning. If you haven't used something in a long time, it might be time to throw it, or give it, away.
  • Find a safe area for pets or plan a play date with friends or a vacation at a kennel. Keep fish tanks well covered if they are near work areas.
  • Remember that remodeling can be stressful at times. Plan to "get away" for a time. Go for a walk. Go to the gym. You can even put the family up at a local hotel.


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